CBD May Be Your Secret Weapon for Anti-Aging Skin Care

It’s natural to want to take good care of your skin so it ages gracefully. A good skin care routine doesn’t just improve your appearance; it also boosts your self-esteem, helps reduce symptoms of chronic skin conditions, and can take very little time each day. 

Growing interest in natural skin care products has resulted in many new ingredients making waves in the market. Some of the ingredients used for years in popular moisturizers, face washes, and cosmetics are now considered irritating, allergenic, and even potentially carcinogenic in the case of substances like talc. Finding alternatives to parabens, sulfates, and other unwanted chemical compounds has led millions of people to investigate natural and organic skin care products instead. 

Cannabidiol, better known by its acronym CBD, is one of over 100 compounds found in cannabis and hemp plants. Not only does it have the potential to treat serious health conditions like chronic pain and seizures, early scientific studies are revealing its promise as a skin care treatment ingredient. Whether it’s mixed into cosmetics used daily or the top active ingredient of a high-end face mask, CBD could potentially aid you in your quest for smoother, firmer, and younger looking skin. Discover how a CBD tincture or oil helps with skin care in general and its specific anti-aging functions, along with some recommendations about secondary all-natural ingredients that can work well along with it. 

What is CBD? 

CBD is a natural plant compound, technically known as a phyto-cannabinoid since the phyto- prefix refers to it coming from a plant source. Your body also produces its own cannabinoids, so it’s not surprising that these plant compounds have so many different positive effects on the body. CBD bonds with receptors spread throughout the body that make up the endocannabinoid system. It’s easily absorbed through the skin after a short period of time, making it effective as a skin care and cosmetic ingredient. 

From the cannabinoid part of the name, you may have already guessed that CBD comes from cannabis plants. However, there are technically two different types of plants sharing the cannabis name and species. Both hemp and marijuana plants produce high levels of harvestable and high-quality CBD. Only marijuana produces the psychoactive cannabinoid called THC, while hemp is defined from its fellow cannabis variety specifically by its lack of THC. CBD doesn’t have the same effects as THC, even when taken internally and does not have any psychoactive effects when used externally in skin care either. There’s no need to worry about how your CBD skin care routine might affect your daily activities. 

Uses and Benefits of CBD 

CBD drops are an amazing plant compound with a tremendous amount of potential. Yet, as with many other herbal and natural products, there is only a limited amount of scientific research available to clearly prove exactly what it can do. The mixture of human, animal, and in-vitro studies on CBD have revealed a treasure trove of exciting information about the compound, including its potential to: 

  • Reduce the severity and frequency of seizures, especially in some of the most severe lifelong seizure conditions
  • Treat chronic painfrom hundreds of different causes, including migraines, fibromyalgia, and arthritis 
  • Relieve the symptoms of many different mental health challenges, including insomnia and anxiety
  • Soothe widespread inflammationthroughout the body, including the kind that reddens the skin in a visible way. 

How CBD Might Help with Skin Care 

While there isn’t definitive research that shows that CBD has specific skin care benefits, there are two ways to determine what it might help you with on your own. First, you can check out the research available into its more general functions like anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial activity. Since skin conditions usually involve these kinds of issues, there’s a good chance than a CBD oil will have some positive effects. Second, you can also explore anecdotal evidence given by individuals experimenting with this natural compound on their own. By combining the two sources of information, you should be able to decide if a CBD lotion or similar product are worth trying. 

Anti-Inflammatory Effects 

The benefit of CBD most applicable to skin care purposes, especially for anti-aging purposes, is the anti-inflammatory effect. This benefit has quite a bit of animal and human research supporting it, with results shown from various applications rather than just a single type of treatment. For example, studies on rodents revealed that CBD was powerful enough to reduce inflammation caused by permanent pain conditions like neuropathyInflammation in the skin results in welts, redness, swelling, and textural changes, all which CBD may be able to reduce by soothing the body’s automatic response. 

Balancing Out Sebum Production 

Excessive oil production causes acne and clogged pores for people of all ages, but dryness is a common problem as skin ages. CBD may have the ability to deal with both kinds of skin problems, an unusual trait for a natural product. Most skin care ingredients only act to dry out oily skin or moisturize dry skin. Unlike other ingredients, research shows that CBD acts directly on the oil glands themselves to regulate their production. If you’re feeling dried out by harsh winter air, a CBD skin care product can increase your skin’s natural oil production or help you deal with a sudden and unexpected switch between skin types. 

Fighting Bacteria 

This is one of the less tested potential effects of CBD, but it’s an interesting one considering the difficulty of treating both adolescent and adult acne. In-vitro testing shows that strong extracts of CBD act as antibiotics against some unpleasant bacteria, including a test on streptococci that dates back to 1976. There has been relatively little follow-up research to determine if this effect occurs when CBD products are ingested or applied to the skin, but if it is occurring, the compound could potentially work wonders for preventing acne outbreaks. 

Anti-Aging Benefits of CBD 

All these benefits apply specifically to the skin challenges that tend to arise as you grow older. Each person experiences a different journey of aging, but there are universal skin changes everyone eventually faces, including: 

  • Dullness and changes in the way your skin reflects light, resulting in the appearance of a rough texture
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reddening of the overall skin tone and small spots or patches of hyperpigmentation, scarring, or permanent redness
  • Changes in oil production that lead to either dry, oily, or combination skin that is different than what you used to experience.

Your skin care needs can change on a yearly basis at any point in your life, so be prepared to make changes at any time to best fit your new experiences. CBD products can help you deal with all the various signs of aging that affect the skin without requiring you to switch between many different skin care treatments just to get the right combination of benefits. 

Preventing Dryness 

Not only can CBD oil boost natural skin moisture when you experience dryness, it’s also great when paired with hemp seed oil. Also commonly called hemp oil, this carrier oil is pressed from the seeds of hemp plants rather than extracted from leaves and flowers like CBD. It’s free from both CBD and THC, but it’s a great moisturizer and contains many antioxidants crucial for skin health. You can add it to your diet to improve your skin and use moisturizers containing it for a double dose of direct moisture and long-term encouragement to your body’s oil glands. 

Providing High Levels of Antioxidants 

CBD isn’t just a single plant compound with one action in the body. It also functions as an antioxidant when it enters the body, making it valuable for protecting the skin from damage. Sun exposure, free radicals, and many other factors all damage the cells of the skin and speed up the process of texture changes and fine line development. Since CBD functions as a cell protecting antioxidant, it may be able to reduce this damage when you have no choice but to go without sunscreen or skip your multivitamin. It’s far from the only antioxidant available for skin care, but it makes a great addition to a combination of various compounds designed to protect the skin. 

Soothing Redness 

That anti-inflammatory effect noted by dozens of animal studies on CBD oil can counteract the skin’s natural response to aging. Reddening and ruddiness is often caused by damage to the tiny capillaries just under the skin’s surface. This results in widespread redness or small patches of color that may stand out against the rest of your skin. Other causes of age-related redness include specific conditions like rosacea. Regardless of why your skin is reddening as you age, CBD oil works to reduce the resulting inflammation and therefore may lighten the reddening without the risk of causing any more irritation. 

Reducing Incidences of Adult Acne and Eczema 

Many adults are frustrated to experience reoccurrences of acne right as they also notice the very first signs of aging. Trying to deal with adult acne and drying skin or fine lines at the same time can feel like you’re facing everything at once. However, the combined anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects of CBD oil may allow it to prevent and soothe both conditions at once. This simplifies your daily skin care routine by reducing the number of products you need to treat combination skin and conditions that can change dramatically daily. 

Application Methods for CBD 

When choosing products containing CBD isolate specifically for anti-aging skin care purposes, you’ve got plenty of options. Since CBD is absorbed through the body and has effects on many different systems that all eventually affect the skin, you may find internal use of CBD drops or CBD tincture just as useful as anything applied to the surface of your body. Combine multiple types of application for the broadest possible set of positive effects, both for your skin and the rest of your health. 

Oral Drops 

Taking a few drops a day of a CBD tincture is the best way to decrease inflammation in the entire body. Overall inflammation is often the cause of general redness in the face. High blood pressure can also result in flushing, and there is some early scientific evidence that CBD drops may help control blood pressure in humans. CBD drops can change how you absorb certain medications, so make sure you check with your doctor before taking them if you are on any prescription drugs. 

Other Products 

There are many other CBD products designed specifically for skin care use, although not all of them are explicitly labelled as anti-aging products. Edible gummies and candies deliver CBD internally for anti-inflammatory benefits without requiring you to remember to take CBD drops. Sprays and CBD salves can help you treat rashes, pimples, and other spot issues. You can read more on methods of taking CBD to figure out what may work best for you here. 

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