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If flavor and quality are your top priority when looking for a Delta-8 product, Tranquil Earth has exactly what you need. Derived from 100% USA grown hemp-derived Delta-8 THC, Tranquil Earth Delta-8 has harnessed the power locked in naturally occurring distillates and terpenes to create a line of products that we think you will love.

Quality and purity should be your top priority when shopping for a Delta-8 product. After sourcing the best USA grown hemp, Tranquil Earth is dedicated to bringing you the best Delta-8 experience. We are involved in every step, from plant to product. Once the USA grown hemp passes a rigorous quality inspection, we apply industry leading manufacturing standards to ensure that the final Delta-8 product performs as advertised.

Lab tested for quality and potency, Tranquil Earth relies on a DEA licensed lab to make sure that our customers receive the cleanest Delta-8 possible. Great care was taken when developing Tranquil Earth’s Delta-8 terpene profiles. Our customers have found that Tranquil Earth Delta-8 Soft Chews and vape cartridges deliver exactly what they are looking for, whether it is supporting creative endeavors, putting some spring in their step, or bringing a bit of calm to the situation.

With one of a kind quality, we hope you will find that our Delta-8 products can be a calming and motivating influence in your life. We offer multiple terpene profiles and flavors to meet the desires of every adult who uses Delta-8.

The master formulators at Tranquil Earth have worked overtime to create balanced and delicious flavors. Adult Delta-8 customers are looking for this level of quality and Tranquil Earth has worked hard juxtapose earthy and sweet elements to create unique and invigorating flavor combinations.

All the effort that Tranquil Earth has put into creating the best Delta-8 formulas will avail you nothing without an effective delivery system. Therefore, we offer both Tranquil Earth Delta-8 THC Soft Chews and authentic CCELL Ceramic Vape Cartridges. The use of cutting edge CCELL technology guarantees that all the great flavor and expertly crafted Delta-8 terpenes are smoothly extracted in every puff.

Tranquil Earth Delta-8 THC Soft Chews come in five outstanding flavors: cherry, strawberry, watermelon, lemon, and orange. Each is well balanced with sweet and tart notes that will please your palate. Our soft chews use only the highest quality ingredients.