Building Your CBD Routine

Arguably the best thing about using CBD is that you can improve your wellness without making drastic changes to your daily routine. There are so many different ways to incorporate it throughout the day, so there’s surely an option for everyone.

We’ve talked about how CBD works and the different ways to consume it, but I’ll give you a quick refresher before we dive into today’s post. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system to support wellness and help maintain homeostasis, i.e. balance within your body.

It works slightly differently depending on how you use CBD, be it a tincture dropped under the tongue or a roll-on applied after exercise. If you ingest or inhale CBD, it is absorbed and works throughout the body, while effects from a topical are only felt in the area of application.

Each method has its benefits when it comes to building a sustainable routine. The general consensus is that you should use CBD daily in order to maximize its benefits, but other than that, how you combine products is up to you!

Good morning, CBD

Good Morning, CBD!

Many start their day with a small serving of CBD and report that it helps them feel calm and focused. Popular ways of doing so include using a tincture sublingually, as effects can be felt very quickly with this method. Some choose to put a few drops of a tincture into their morning cup of coffee or tea or take gummies because of their inherent convenience. Just keep in mind that it will take longer to feel the effects of gummies since the digestive system processes them first!

If you love your morning run or HIIT session, it’s easy to introduce CBD topicals into your pre- and post-workout routines. There’s nothing harder than getting out of bed in the morning feeling stiff, so applying a muscle rub can help you get moving.

Beating the midday slump

Beating the Midday Slump

That post-lunch energy dip can be a productivity killer (whatever productivity looks like for you, of course). Now may not be the best time to have a gummy if you want to experience rapid relief, but they can provide a quick sugar rush while you wait for the full-body effects of CBD.

To get yourself back on track quickly, try vaping some CBD or using a tincture to renew your sense of focus. You can also put a few drops of our Energy or Focus CBD essential oils in a diffuser for added aromatherapy benefits.

Unwinding at night

Unwinding at Night

You deserve some relaxation after a long day. A CBD lotion with lavender offers relaxing moisture for dry skin, or you can use a body butter for even more skin-restoring benefits.

Once again, many people choose to vape, take gummies, or use a tincture at bedtime. It’s fairly common to take a larger dose at bedtime to support restful sleep over many hours. Tinctures and gummies are easily measured to make sure you get the appropriate amount of CBD and wrap up your routine.

The possibilities for your CBD routine are endless, as you can combine several products to fit your lifestyle. What does your routine look like? Let us know what works for you on Facebook, Instagram, or right here on the blog!

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