What’s The Deal With CBD? Answering The Frequently Asked Questions!

As CBD becomes more popular, more people are exposed to it. Whether it’s through one of their friends, seeing CBD shops pop up in their area, or looking into it as an alternative option to smoking tobacco, questions are going to arise as people look into the product. With a multitude of options available on the Internet to get information, the good people at Tranquil Earth and Madvapes wanted to give those curious an easy place to come for their queries. Check out the most frequently asked questions below…

CBD products come from industrial hemp plants. Consumers are free to choose CBD as a natural supplement without worrying about any legal repercussions.

What does CBD do? 

The human body produces cannabinoids and CBD helps. Cannabinoids can be derived from plants in addition to occurring naturally in the body. CBD supports the activation of receptors in the body responsible for relieving pain, inflammation, and anxiety. CBD also inhibits enzymes that break down naturally occurring and regulating chemicals in your body. CBD effects several neurotransmitter receptors. CBD is an allosteric modulator at several receptor sites in our bodies and enhances the ability for these receptors to receive the pentapeptides needed to naturally reduce pain.

Does CBD help with chronic pain? 

CBD has been known to alleviate chronic pain. CBD impacts nociceptive pathways to significantly reduce inflammation- a leading cause of disease and chronic pain- and inhibit pain.

Does CBD help with Epilepsy? 

Studies have shown that CBD reduced seizures in patients with Epilepsy by 54%In a study published by the American Academy of Neurology, an FDA approved CBD drug dramatically lowered the number of seizures in patients with some form of Epilepsy.

Can you test positive on a drug test?

There are different ways that companies test for drugs. Some drug tests are specific for THC and some are broader and test for all cannabinoids. However, most tests only test for THC – which our products either have none of or meet the federal guidelines.

How do you know which CBD product is best for you?

The first steps lie in knowing how to compare to similar products and distinguish among seemingly identical products. To make an informed selection, we recommend you look at hour aspects: CBD strength, purity, transparency, and price.

Can you use it while pregnant / breastfeeding? 

Always ask your OBGYN about the continued use of products or before starting any new products.

CBD is intended for adult use only.
Our products have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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